Clean air

People spend most of the time indoors. Breathing healthy air where we live, work and play is critical. Clean and correctly functioning ventilation system is essential to maintain a comfortable, healthy and productive indoor environment. It also protects the building construction which further improves the healthy conditions indoors.

Energy efficiency

Unclean ventilation ducts prevent the air from flowing freely throughout the ventilation system. When the air flow decreases in the exhaust channels, also the air supply decreases and the ventilation does not operate as planned. The system works harder and uses more energy. Keeping the ventilation ducts clean improves the air flowing and saves energy.

Innovative, prime quality and cost effective NaavaTec cleaning method

NaavaTec has an unique technology for cleaning the ventilation systems. The ventilation can be on during the cleaning, which allows working and living to continue normally for example in a school, hospital, hotel, cruise ship, or any other facility. Our Spinster™ filter is up to fifty times more effective in collecting the contaminant than standard filters. The method is also environmentally friendly. There is no waste like fibreglass or metals to throw away (unlike using standard filters), but only the collected and compressed contaminant.


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